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What’s New – Article Feeds Webpart feature which is a very cool feature in Sharepoint 2010 can be achieved in MOSS 2007 using this webpart. 

Project Description
This webpart fetches Article feeds from across all Site collections of that Web Application making Asynchronous AJAX calls. It fetches all the Items which is created using the “Article” Content Type.



• Easy installation provided by a setup wizard
• Configurable number of days for the Article Feeds
• Configurable number of items to show
• Security trimmed user interface (users only see items on which they have permissions)
• Aggregates modified items from the current site, current site including all the subsites or the entire site collection or entire collection of site collections of the Web application.
• Very Light Webpart and contents are loaded after page load making Async AJAX Call
• Content Refreshed Every 60 seconds to reveal new Content making Async AJAX calls – NO PAGE REFRESH.
• Shows description and Preview of the Content
• Attractive Collaborative User Interface, Author Picture similar to Facebook Feeds.
• Sharing and Contacting Feature.
• Display s Friendly time Info and “New” arrival Data Info


• MOSS 2007 or Higher
• Microsoft Sharepoint Publishing Feature Enabled


• Download the ZIP
• Extract the files from the ZIP
• Run the EXE and the Installer will guide you through the process ( You need to be an Admin in the Sharepoint Server)
• Install the Site Collection of your Choice or in all the Site collection
• Active the “Whats New – article Feeds Feature” from the Site Collection Feature list.
• Add the Webpart to any desired page, ENJOY!!!

Future Plans
• Rating and Commenting on the Article















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