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What’s New – Article Feeds Webpart feature which is a very cool feature in Sharepoint 2010 can be achieved in MOSS 2007 using this webpart. 


• Easy installation provided by a setup wizard
• Configurable number of days for the Article Feeds
• Configurable number of items to show
• Security trimmed user interface (users only see items on which they have permissions)
• Aggregates modified items from the current site, current site including all the subsites or the entire site collection or entire collection of site collections of the Web application.
• Very Light Webpart and contents are loaded after page load making Async AJAX Call
• Content Refreshed Every 60 seconds to reveal new Content making Async AJAX calls – NO PAGE REFRESH.
• Shows description and Preview of the Content
• Attractive Collaborative User Interface, Author Picture similar to Facebook Feeds.
• Sharing and Contacting Feature.
• Display s Friendly time Info and “New” arrival Data Info


• MOSS 2007 or Higher
• Microsoft Sharepoint Publishing Feature Enabled


• Download the ZIP
• Extract the files from the ZIP
• Run the EXE and the Installer will guide you through the process ( You need to be an Admin in the Sharepoint Server)
• Install the Site Collection of your Choice or in all the Site collection
• Active the “Whats New – article Feeds Feature” from the Site Collection Feature list.
• Add the Webpart to any desired page, ENJOY!!!

Future Plans
• Rating and Commenting on the Article

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